Singapore: Blink Blink bind bind Party

Singapore: Blink Blink bind bind Party

Singapore, 26 April 2008.

The theme "Blink blink & Bind Bind: time to find Your slaves and your Dominant" was a blend of fashion and fetish. It allowed people who are novices in SM to see how easy it was to bring in everyday accessories into SM play. 

This is how this party worked. Slaves & subs wore two metal bangles one on each hand. Dominants brought locks with them and if they found a sub of their licking the place the lock on their chosen subs bangles.

Sounds simple and easy? It is but the ice had to be broken first. We were very lucky that night since we were given a private party space on the third floor. The room was provided us with better intimacy. The group was little nervous and shy at first. That quickly changed when the locks started being issued out. There’s just something inexplicably erotic about locking up a sub’s bangles and seeing their submissive demeanor thereafter.

What ensued after the locking up ceremony was a Saturday worth looking forward to. Every got a taste of being a Dominant or submissive in a game of chance.  


Crops, chains, canes, ropes, gags, and whatever else that comes to the mind of our Mistresses and Masters were used to put the sub in their rightful place. There were spanking, foot worship, boot worship, caning, bondage, gagging, hog-tie, extreme bondage, and many more fun SM adventures throughout the night. No rest of the wicked!!


For more on our BDSM activities, please see the wonderful events posted in the following sites.



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