AIRCREW night party

AIRCREW night party

4th April 2008

The SGGURLS sure know how to throw a fabulous Aircrew night party. Backstage bar was really packed with many of the regulars whom we have befriended anticipating to see the gurls decked out their stewardess uniforms. There were quite a few people who got fooled and thought that some of the stewardess stopped over for drink straight from their flight stop. The gurls did not disappoint. They look so sexy and fabulous in their airline dresses.

We got a special treat from Destynee, Lola, and Clements with their lovely rendition of the Spice girls. I think our Singaporean version of SPICIER GURLS are more scrumptious and stunningly snazzy.

What is a party without a little spanking and whipping? We were lucky to be graced by the voluptuous and vivacious Mistress G from our BDSM society ( What is a party without a little kinkiness to spice up the night. Put togehter a Mistress and a slave, we got a sizzling recipe for a hot tropical fun night. We got our favorite models to demonstrate a little SM art. I am sure adaline will not be sitting comfortably for the next few days.

The party was suppose to celebrate one of the gurls birthday Yvonne. Unfortunately we could not get her to come due to some last minute things that Yvonne had to deal with so we wish her HAPPY BIRTHDAY. 

For more information on our Singapore transgender society, please go to

SE Asia BDSM society:

China BDSM society:


One Response to “AIRCREW night party”

  1. Nadia Says:

    Fabulous pix…. Steph and I want to vacation in Singapore now!  At BDSM events, I stick out as "the tranny" and at TG events, nobody here seems to be into BDSM.  I\’m so jealous 😀

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