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2 birthdays and a caning

March 16, 2008

2 birthdays and a caning

Singapore, 15-16 March 2008

Please pinch me, I must be in SM and tgurl heaven!! We may have found a little piece of SM and tgurl heaven on earth and its tucked away in a little bar called Backstage in China town. We got to to finally meet the lovely Miss Kae and slave keith from Jakarta after more than two years of correspondences. They were tired from shopping and spanking the number of misbehaving slaves that were lining up at their doorsteps. Earlier in the afternoon a couple of slaves got their buns marked. The latest lucky slave to receive the therapeutic rattan cane that evening was slave ada. When I showed up at Backstage the first thing slave ada said to me was: "Ouch ouch… the the caning vely painful ahhh…I lost count after the 3 strokes. I suppose to get 10 but i didn’t last pass 5." I could not stop laughing to hear this Ah Lian sobbing and rubbing her little tushy.

 We had such wonderful time with our close friends Scarf Bondage Master Hendrik & his lovely Mistress partner, Master Ramseus, Mistress MK & slave, the beautiful slave winnie {sir Alex’s property}, slave dickson and the Sggurls with a pleasant star surprise Ms Destinee. (Many of them not in our pictures. They’re picture shy). It didn’t take too long for the party to warm up. The bar was jam-pack last night but our dearest Backstage Bar friends reserved our usual corner for us.

The two birthday gurls Kaila and Ivy Jr  had their ‘surprise’ birthday bash at Backstage bar. Thanks to Ada who organized the cakes for both the gurls. Kaila had the delicious and very colorful mango fruit cake. The colors and softness of the cake reflected her inner beauty within, her genuine warmth and soft heartedness.

Ivy is young, sweet and very beautiful so we gave her the black forest chocolate cake.

Since she was sooo late we tied her her up as well.


While we were punishing Ivy, we decided to punish both birthday gurls.

We had a lovely surprise from the very talented and gorgeous Miss Detinee who gave a superb performance for both birthday gurls. All of us were so delighted by the performance. Ramseus also gave us a booty shaking performance (…no picture taken at his request).

The SM society and SGGURLS sure know how to party on a Saturday.


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bdsmASIAnetwork: Corset Night

March 9, 2008

bdsmASIAnetwork: Corset Night

Singapore, Saturday, 8th March 2008

‘Tis was a hot night, sizzling with some of the sexiest people in Singapore and they were all in MOX on a Saturday night sipping magaritas, wines and delicately well mixed house pours. Straights, bis, gays,lesbians and trangenders were there just hanging out and having fun. In a little corner of the bar, were the SM’ers. They are like the vampires who walk amongst normal humans with their keenly developed sexuality. These extra cool people were kinkiest and deliciously good looking people who meet regularly to share their skills and toys.

There were various levels of SM’ers in the meeting from the experts, lifestylers, novices to the curious, all the people that were surveyed had a fabulous time trying out the toys brought by Mistress MK. Master Alex’s slave spotted her new collar which unfortunately I can’t publish her picture here. Master Warren had his slave decked in the most exquisite red color corset. Master Brian had to suck in his gut to try on a leather harness that made him look like a Trojan warrior. Master Zack was with his lady slave from Vietnam. Master Ramseus brought his curious lady friend to the meet.
The ladies that were present that night would make the lesbians and hot blooded straight guys wagging their tongue. For the people who had retifism (shoe/boot fetish) and podophilia (Foot Fetish), they were in seven heaven. The ladies had killer thigh high PVC boots and heels on. I know that these fantastic looking femme made me quiver in my boots.

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