St James Power Station of Singapore: a center of random discrimination

St James Power Station of Singapore: a center of random discrimination

What more can a gurl ask for other than her best gurlfrens to hangout with in their favorite bar. What would a night be without bondage? Check out Kaila’s blue cuffs – Kaila is the gorgeous gurl in white blouse. Slave Ada took a surprise picture of us while I was trying to figure out if I should hog-tie Kaila. LOL.

Backstage bar was very crowded that Saturday night and the gurls were a sporting that night so we decided to venture to St James Power station despite all the bad rep we hear about how they treat tgurls.

True enough to the bad rep at St James (, we were denied entrance into the Gallery Bar. The bull dog at the door said that we’re not VIP enough. I guess our Singaporean Dollars have lesser value than the regular people who spend them. We manage to gain entry into the Boiler Room which is still within the managemnet of St James and of course we had to pay the full cover when we fail to produce our ID to prove our gender.

For you all tgurls out there my advise is give St James a pass. It’s not worth the cover charge. Go to any of the bars in the Tanjong Pagar belt ( and have a blast.


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