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BDSM on a Thursday night…

February 29, 2008

BDSM on a Thursday night…

BDSM on a Thursday night is like adding nitro to the weekend jetpack. I am still smiling with only 2 hours sleep and Friday feels like a weekend. The SGDOMSUBS group ( is Singapore’s very own homegrown SM society that is open to all D/s enthusiast. The group helps people bring their SM play to the next level by bringing its members together to share their various techniques of SM play. The SGDOMSUBS society promotes safe, sane and consensual play at all times.

There were about 20-25 SGDOMSUBS members that showed up for the meet. I lost count after the 15 minutes when I saw my slaves lounging around and not doing anything. Slave ada was put in bondage by Sir Alex and slave dickson was put to good use as a foot massager. One of the member who came to the meet last night was very generous. She contributed a lot of gears to the group. We’ll keep the her gears for safe keeping and she can always get it back if she wants to; just email me or slave ada ..;-)

Mistress MK and her slave brought some magnificent leather and PVC wear from Hong Kong. She’s got an excellent eye for high quality and fashionable goods.


Master Alex our resident rope bondage master, Sir Hendrik, Mistress Rayne, Mistress MK, Mistress Jacquiline, slave dickson, Joy, slave Ada, Ivy, ….i forgot the names of many more wondeful people I met that night. I think there were 20-25 people altogether although they came and went at different times. One note to take, don’t get any blonde gurls to remember stuff. A few drinks and *~+++$%%$%^…kaput goes the gurl. In case the reader is wondering, I don’t post their pictures unless I get their consent.

P.S. if anyone finds my plug which slave Ada was sucking on, please contact me. It would be embarassing letting the MOX management team find my plug lying around somewhere. It needs washing.


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St James Power Station of Singapore: a center of random discrimination

February 25, 2008

St James Power Station of Singapore: a center of random discrimination

What more can a gurl ask for other than her best gurlfrens to hangout with in their favorite bar. What would a night be without bondage? Check out Kaila’s blue cuffs – Kaila is the gorgeous gurl in white blouse. Slave Ada took a surprise picture of us while I was trying to figure out if I should hog-tie Kaila. LOL.

Backstage bar was very crowded that Saturday night and the gurls were a sporting that night so we decided to venture to St James Power station despite all the bad rep we hear about how they treat tgurls.

True enough to the bad rep at St James (, we were denied entrance into the Gallery Bar. The bull dog at the door said that we’re not VIP enough. I guess our Singaporean Dollars have lesser value than the regular people who spend them. We manage to gain entry into the Boiler Room which is still within the managemnet of St James and of course we had to pay the full cover when we fail to produce our ID to prove our gender.

For you all tgurls out there my advise is give St James a pass. It’s not worth the cover charge. Go to any of the bars in the Tanjong Pagar belt ( and have a blast.

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February 12, 2008

The rat race of 2008 started on 6th Feb …

The Chinese zodiac year of the Rat started in all earnest last Wednesday. It was a time of relationship renewal and forgiveness. This was a time to give thanks for the people that are related and associated to us. I was very tied up for most part of the festive season….

I would like to protest in my difficult position but darn I was in heavenly bliss to say much. So the year started with me feeling like a rat in a cat’s liar. May the rest 2008 provide serendipity of luck and cash as we burrow through to 2009.