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Adaline’s big 50…

January 26, 2008

January 25, 2008

Celebrating the big FIVEZERO with a dear friend….

SINGAPORE, Thursday, 24th January 2008

2008 is turning to be an interesting year. The SGGURLS group is getting closer than ever attracting the hidden and often misunderstood community in Singapore. One of its founding members Adaline (or just Ada for short) celebrated her 50th birthday at "MOX" ( and her all-time favorite bar "Backstage" ( In attendance were: the birthday gurl Adaline, Joy, Ivy Jr, Cathy from KL, Joy, Tiffanie, Kaila, Hendrika (our co-conspirator), Rayne (our official camera woman) and Sham.

Adaline came to the party fooled by Catherine that there was going to be a BDSM party. Our lil kinky girl was very ‘on’ the ball for this kind of things and she came expecting to be tied, spanked, gagged, etc. When she was there she was scratching her head and kept asking, ‘where the heck are the ropes?’, ‘Where the regular BDSM members?’.  She was totally not expecting a birthday bash between her closest friends. Rayne, Hendrika and Kaila were lighting the cake in the background whilst Ada looked so disappointed that there no kinksters in sight. When the cake came, Ada was stunned and delighted at her birthday suprise…

At Backstage, our dear dear friend and host Terrence treated us with some very heavy dosage of alcohol. After a few ‘yam seng’ …

….the gurls were doing some very interesting (definitely sexy) XXXXX things which I can’t quite mention here to keep my PG13 rating.

Catherine rushed back to KL, the gurls continued to party on till almost 4am. Let’s hope the MD are generous on MC for the gurls…yikes..

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Pub & Bar crawl in Singapore

January 13, 2008

Pub & Bar crawl in Singapore

Singapore, 12 Januanry 2008

Some of us gurls from the SGGURLS club attempted a Tanjong Pagar pub crawl on a Singaporean balmy weathered Saturday.


We started out from our favorite and usual hangout at Backstage. The itinerary was suppose to be 930pm Backstage, 1030 Cows&Coolies, 1130pm Xpose, 1230am Tocame, 0130am Grey Zone. We started out great at Backstage. The usual gearing up for a great party night with a bit of alcohol, catching up with one another, chatting about accessories (check out Kaila’s 6" stilletos, Ivy’s cool silk gloves, Ada’s luvly chain-link belt), bantering with our good friends and making new friends at Backstage.

 The gurls made the mistake of making the blonde-one the time keeper and its not a wonder that we lost track of time. We left Backstage about 1100pm. We tried to get to Cows & Coolies but not before the gurls spotted a clothing retail shop with lots of bargain that was still open. The irresistible combo of gurls, shopping, late nigh bargains and clothes make it easy to figure what happened next. The pub crawl turned into a late night shopping spree.

One hour vanished before the blonde-one finally dragged all the gurls screaming out from the shop. Not mentioning name one of the gurls spent quite a lot of $$$ on ONE nice dress and thereafter complained that she felt guilty.

We finally got to Cows & Coolies with a little trouble; too many shopping bags, Kaila’s 6" stilletos, lost tourists asking for directions, old uncles making passes at us. LOL, sorry Janice. Now you know why we were so late. The culprits are caught on pics. One was still inside the store trying out clothes hence escaped my camera.

A couple of pool players tried to pick Ivy up at Cows & Coolies. LOL. They tricked her into playing pool while looking at her sexy behind when she bent over to make the shots. A few nice ‘uncles’ …I mean men…came up and complimented the gurls. LOL the blonde-one looked pretty fierce so the men was a little daunted when they tried to pick the gurls up except for Ivy who was conned into singing karaoke and playing pool. She still beat the guys at pool. 

We made the last stop at Tocame. The gurls were dead tired with sore feet and a little tipsy. This was the night of the pub crawling combined with late night shopping spree, teasing old uncles, making new friends, pool playing, KTV, checking out beautiful lesbians.

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2007 countdown: HELLO 2008

January 1, 2008

2007 countdown: HELLO 2008

The countdown in our favorite bar was fantastic. Adaline bought a box of party popper where the confetti shoots out with a loud bang and some foam spray. Our bar hostesses provided more fun noise makers with lots of crazy drinking games to win free booze.

The countdown was specatulary greeted with much gusto with the sound decibel exceeding the sonic boom.

I learned on the countdown party that our host were actually hostess and whew…were they pretty. Now I know why the SGGURLS felt so at home there. Our humble bar hostesses turned out to be extremely gorgeous and well established tgurls; pardon me, they prefer to be called female impersonators.

We had quite few rounds of tequila & vodka shots so much so that in the drinking competition we lost slurping down a jug of beer by three seconds.  

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