Singapore: Xmas party with the Santarinas of Sggurls

Singapore: Xmas party with the Santarinas of Sggurls

Singapore, 22 Dec 2007

‘Tis was a hot steamy X’mas celebration in our cozy favorite bar. The gurls looked so lovely and very festive. They sure did look like the sexy Santarinas that the made the patrons at Backstage go goo goo ga ga over. We were very lucky to be graced by two members of the SGDOMSUBS group, Master Mark (kamerad_eks) and slave dickson. The gifts started stacking up as time advanced quickly from 9:30 pm into midnight. Our gurls and friends started to fill the bar.

The gift exchange was …er…too formal? LOL, this was the comment from Kaila the gurl with the sexiest and longest legs in Singapore. In actuality, after a few rounds of alcohol, no one knew what they were doing.

The party really started to pick up after 2:00 pm. With some encouragement from our friends at Backstage Bar and a little bit more alcohol to loosen up everyone, the gurls started getting kinky and was oozing out seductiveness from their pores.

We got to …

….become the Domme Santarina demanding to be worshipped ,

…practice our scarf Bondage on Cindy,

….witness a little naughty lez play,

…engage in lots of spanking fun,

….and finally getting a little shagging.

‘Tis was a night to remember. Merry Christmas and a happy new year.


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