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The last Singapore BDSM meet of 2007

December 28, 2007

The last Singapore BDSM meet of 2007

We broke chairs, flogged bottoms, tied hands, and … 

…. put slaves in their place with ropes.

Thanks to Sir Alex, Mistress Nicole, slave ada, sub sheila, sub jack, slave dickson, shy rayne and our guest for making the last SGDOMSUBS meet of 2007.  


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Singapore: Xmas party with the Santarinas of Sggurls

December 23, 2007

Singapore: Xmas party with the Santarinas of Sggurls

Singapore, 22 Dec 2007

‘Tis was a hot steamy X’mas celebration in our cozy favorite bar. The gurls looked so lovely and very festive. They sure did look like the sexy Santarinas that the made the patrons at Backstage go goo goo ga ga over. We were very lucky to be graced by two members of the SGDOMSUBS group, Master Mark (kamerad_eks) and slave dickson. The gifts started stacking up as time advanced quickly from 9:30 pm into midnight. Our gurls and friends started to fill the bar.

The gift exchange was …er…too formal? LOL, this was the comment from Kaila the gurl with the sexiest and longest legs in Singapore. In actuality, after a few rounds of alcohol, no one knew what they were doing.

The party really started to pick up after 2:00 pm. With some encouragement from our friends at Backstage Bar and a little bit more alcohol to loosen up everyone, the gurls started getting kinky and was oozing out seductiveness from their pores.

We got to …

….become the Domme Santarina demanding to be worshipped ,

…practice our scarf Bondage on Cindy,

….witness a little naughty lez play,

…engage in lots of spanking fun,

….and finally getting a little shagging.

‘Tis was a night to remember. Merry Christmas and a happy new year.


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Singapore BDSM and tgurls outing: Tattoo party – marking Your property

December 16, 2007

Singapore BDSM and tgurls outing: Tattoo party – marking Your property

Saturday-Sunday, 15-16th December 2007

Life would be ever so b&b (bland and boring) without spice. The spice of this weekend is the tattoo party where the Dominant chooses a temporary tattoo and the slave has to wear it for a specified duration. Though the tattoo is temporary and the duration ranges from a few hours to a few days, the feeling that the Dominant and slave share is very erotic and intimate. BDSM is not always about just tying people up and spanking them silly. 80% of BDSM is in the mind which happens to be the largest sex organ of homosapiens.

The slave sometimes gets to choose the location of where the Dominant will place the tattoo. This discretion and generosity depends from on Dominant to the other. Some Dominant chooses the location of the tattoo which hopefully is not on the slave’s forehead.  

Adaline our webmistress for the SGGURLS group picked some of the most lovely tattoos. The design ranged from flower motifs to some very extravagant oriental dragon pattern. My personal favorites were the dragon and the scorpion. One on each side of my cleavage.

Master Alex our resident bondage expert from SGDOMSUBS brought lots of ropes and toys. Our voluteer / slaves were literally tied up for hours or until the cried for mercy. In attendance of the fabulous tattoo party were Master Warren with slave susan, Master John Lestat (SGDOMSUBS founder) with slave stacy, the two lovely Ivys, webmistress / slave adaline, Kaila, sWitch Ken and finally Nicole. 

Our gracious host in Backstage bar ( made us feel at home. Ambience, friendliness, space for us to have fun, discreet location, and little exclusivity makes this bar the perfect choice for us. The choice of venue for our parties and meets may not be that obvious to outsiders since we still want to be discreet. 



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aaaa…the power of bondage, merciless teasing and pleasure

December 1, 2007

aaaa...the power of bondage, merciless teasing and pleasure magnify

Backstage bar, Singapore

29th November, 2007

The last Thursday of every month is when the SGDOMSUB group meets to share stories and just catch up on each other. The group is based in Singapore and made of people who are just very ‘normal’ otherwise shed their conformity sheep skin and instead don their leather & pvcs. (Yeah right…this is conservative Singapore but we can dream can we?) BDSM is the common thread that bind these fun loving bdsm practitioners together.

This meet is quite well attended. About 15 persons going and coming at different time. The fun that really started to take off about 10pm. Alex_the bondage king, SDGOMSUBS, resident rope master provided the rope work. The beautiful gurls from the SGGURLS group became the bondage models.

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