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Shanghai, CHINA: ROPE bondage demo, 18 August 2007 (SATURDAY)

August 20, 2007

Shanghai, CHINA: ROPE bondage demo



Mistress Nic and Mistress Fifi (the shy photographer who won’t allow me to publish her pics) bagged a few succulent and sexy slaves on Saturday night. Ropes were wound tightly and passion for bondage ran ahigh. We had slave bryce, slave nora, and slave dodo who were bound, spanked, teased and had their nipples naughtily tweaked.


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Shanghai, CHINA: Drag Party 2007, August-11-2007

August 12, 2007

Shanghai, CHINA: Drag Party 2007, August-11-2007 magnify

Shanghai, CHINA: Drag Party 2007

This was definitely the Drag Party of the year. Holy moly, Shanghai Studio was packed like Sardines. This was a HOT party with some of the most incredible looking and hip people I have seen roaming in Shanghai. Credit goes to the to Shanghai GBLT group ( an almost 500 strong and active group of members who put in incredible effort to make the Drag event a sensational party. So if you missed out on the party, Har! Har! too bad, don’t wanna be ya. Just kidding. The GBLT group host quite a few cool party events. Their contact detail is below.

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Shanghai, China: BDSM & tgurl party

August 6, 2007

Shanghai, China: BDSM & tgurl party magnify

Despite cancellations, we still had a great BDSM meet in . Nic and Fifi found slaves and a few dommes. There was definitely a great interest in D/s (Domination /submission) in the people that we met. Thanks Kenneth for your hospitality.


Some of the party photos can be found here:


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