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Munich’s best kept secret

April 21, 2007

April 19, 2007

Back to the coolest bar in Munich: MyLord bar ( IckstattstraBe 2a, 80469 Munchen. Tel: +49-89-2604498)

It was irresistible for me but I had to return to MyLord bar ( IckstattstraBe 2a, 80469 Munchen. Tel: +49-89-2604498). MyLord Bar got its named after a famous song in the 60’s. I forgot the details after a few of Marietta’s house drinks. The prices of Mylord are very reasonable. The decor from MyLord is incredible. It’s seems to be stuck in the party times from the 60’s and 70’s. If you are wondering, yes, Marietta was a starlett. You can see her photos adorned on one part of the wall. She’s a knockout then and is still a knockout today.

As a tgurl, this seems like one of the safest place to go. It’s home away from home. The patrons in MyLord are exceptionally cool. If you are a tgurl and this is the first time you want to be "OUT", go to MyLord and be prepared to be paid a compliment or two. Not to worry, Maritta keeps an eye out for us tgurls in the event unwanted crowd from the street comes in. The MyLord clientelle are older, more matured and sophisticated. Besides being a safe place and open place to mingle, MyLord is OPEN on SUNDAYS . Munich is in the heart of very conservative Bavaria where most shops are closed on Sunday.  The great news is MyLord is OPEN on SUNDAYS …hoorraaay!!!

A recent picture of Nic and Marietta (MyLord’s proprietor):

Another close-up pic. Notice the very sexy mannequin behind us.

MyLord bar is one of Munich’s well kept secret as it has no web presence whatsoever. It’s long time and loyal patrons get to know of the bar through word of mouth. Marietta seems happy to keep her bar this way.  MyLord organizes special events every week.  Here’s a sample of their weekly event:

Montags:                     marcherhafter single-treff
Mittwochs:                  Schlager und oldie potpourri
jeden 1 Donnerstag:   Uberrachungsabend. Live kleinkunst, feten, cocktail parties u.a.
jeden Freitag:               Treffpunkt fur tranvestiten und adere schmetterlinge
jeden Sonntag:            Kaffeeklatsch von 18:00-20:00 uhr.
Mittwochs, Freitags und Samstags von 10:00-21:00 – HAPPY HOUR

There’s a new event that MyLord is hosting for the older more sophisticated GBLT appropriately called "GAY & GREY". This is from the flyer yours trully slipped into her handbag:
"GAY & GREY": Mit begeiserung nahmen viele das angebot kaffeklatsch fur alle generationen an. Deshalb wird es in sukunfit immer am 1. Mittwoch im Monat ab 16:00 uhr in einem interessanten ambiente bei lockerer runde und guten kuchen einen kaffeeklatsch geben.  Heir kann man gemeinsam spielen, etwas lesen, den neue tratsch erzhalen, gemutlich zusammen sitzen oder einfach entspannen. Dazu sind alle generationen eingeladen. Wir freun uns auf dich!