A Singaporean Transgender and Wilt Chamberlain

July 19, 2018

Everybody has a tale. It’s just that my tail is a solid 7″. The oddity of looking like a woman and having an alpha piping that makes both gender weak at their knees.
It’s a cheap thrill to be Betty Boob of my internet trolls and the Domina of every eyeball in the room. The delectable lust in people’s eye when I enter the room and sweet smell of wetness in the air when I leave. That forlorn look I know well as I am as guilty next lust pharmacist.
Of late, I seem to have a dull appetite for eggs or sausages. Chalk it to an OD of a good thing. I like to claim Wilt Chamberlain’s record but he’s rumored to have an 11 inch reach into any flesh pocket. I may not match his wagon pole but maybe my bell clapper will ring in the heavens for my partners.

SGGURLS founder
kik nicolesingslaveSGGURLS an open umbrella transgender social group. Friends welcome. Be cool, friendly and comfy in your own skin.
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SGGURLS Ladies night

July 12, 2018

Ladies night is On the Day of Odin?
We have had SGGURLS ladies night two weeks in a row. I get very silly questions in my kik and fbmsg “why Wed?”.
It’s flattering for morons to think I invented Ladies nite. Every Wodin or humbday or Wednesday in Singapore is Ladies night. Most bars have it. Free flow of drinks until midnight. Why Wed? It’s mid-week you moron. Women that want free drinks and men want pussy. I like it Ladies night is great  because I wanna test my luck to see if I can pass the door bitch and get free drinks.

Defintely not your mama
It’s mind shafting for them to assume I am their mama. Men who tells me that they are admirers or even worse my admirer, expecting me to walk out of a cozy couch people watching to me escort their ass in, can continue to stand outside like a goondoo bird (dufus). Maybe they want to get shafted by me. Not quite Nine-Inch-Nail entertainment calibre but an 8inch thought nonetheless. If you want me to come out and greet you, show me the moooolaaaah. I don’t work for you numbnut. My price is one million kabillion zillion (MKZ) SGD. Since 1 MKZ USD is too much for the Singapore mint to print, I’ll settle for 1 MKZ Euro. If your hedge is not on Euro because Brexit is climaxing like your sexting, make it 1000000MKZ Yuan.

And really a big 6’5 200 over pound gorilla afraid of …
…a bunny? I love it when you ducked in my 360 cam sweep. Still caught you ha ha. I know you read my diary. It’s read by almost every admirer that I’ve met. Some admirer took over 10 years to finally say hi in real life. I don’t bite. Belies my fierce writing is just a just a funny bunny. Don’t put me on some pedestal and I might just cane your ass. Be real, be yourself. It’s awesome to the max when confident people bring me gifts and french kiss me.  “People” is race and gender neutral.

SGGURLS founder
kik nicolesingslaveSGGURLS an open umbrella transgender social group. Friends welcome. Be cool, friendly and comfy in your own skin.
Old sggurls forum: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sggurls
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no more third date

July 10, 2018

Second date with Al, my gal pal was a blow. It’s the no show variety. At ten, my big ben was expecting to chime instead Al kik to say “I am sick”.

You get the flip for that slip. And I don’t know if there’s gonna be a third date, ya flipping bird.
You could have experienced buddha, if my barracuda was in your bermudas.
It’s back to the silly c*nt h*nt.

SGGURLS founder
kik nicolesingslave

SGGURLS an open umbrella transgender social group. Friends welcome. Be cool, friendly and comfy in your own skin.
Old sggurls forum: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sggurls
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1567083706923641/
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Ladies Night & Hanging out with Beckie  

July 5, 2018
Ladies Night @Lulus was packed. Free drinks and hot door bitch to keep out the uglies equals super hot women in the club.
Show media
The jazz is not danceable but enjoyable. If you’re here to be picked up, just smile and you’ll have your pick of hot men.

A pic with Becca D’bus is a must. She’s vivacious and a wonderful social treat for sweet night out.

My handsome guy for the night 🙂

SGGURLS founder
kk nicolesingslave

SGGURLS an open umbrella transgender social group. Friends welcome. Be cool, friendly and comfy in your own skin.
Old sggurls forum: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sggurls
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1567083706923641/


Wednesday Pool and Darts

June 28, 2018

While SGDOMSUBS was having a rope bonding meet @ backstage, I thought I just relax upstairs @ May Wong shooting some pool.

It was a social experiment to see who would actually show up to meet me. I have two ads in Locanto that have been running slightly over a month. Its well viewed and I certainly receive a lof dirty fantasies with nude photos despite my detail ads which signals all the triggers for the dreaded block button. The one liners are the easiest to dismiss. Being a voyuer into the darkest fantasies, it’s entertaining to read some of the fantasies. Nevertheless after 2 fantasies, the rest are stale sequel with minor variations. The muscle guys are the funiest. Tough on the outside, but insde they are nothing but leg up to the ceiling whores.

Taking a page out of Shakespear’s Taming of the Shrew, I device a simple test where my would be suitors have to purchase three feminine products for me. It’s mundane for any woman to pick up sundries. My favorite is to ask for tampons, condoms and some random feminine product. Most Singaporean men blush when buying rubber, I relish their look when they place a box of condom and a box of tampon on the checkout counter. It’s connivingly devilish. Out of the hundreds of messages, most of my the big talkers will balk. Easie for them to finish off wanking to my pics, pack up ol slinky and move on. Objective achieved. For the few that really turn up. Well I lose out. Now it’s time for me to put out. Ha ha..

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Meeting AL

June 11, 2018

"AL" has known me on the internet for 10 years but never met me until today. I luv the new outfit AL.
Hope you had fun.

Now you know I got very sensitive toes.

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SGGURLS June 2018 meet

June 4, 2018

The bar was empty and it’s the very same reason why I chose to have SGGURLS event on Mondays. So it’s by no coincidence for those of you who came in, sat afar and just stared at my direction. Ben may not like cleaning your drool. I know you are here for the SGGURLS event. Don’t expect me to walk to you unless you’re waving million kazillion SGD in my face.

Yes, my byte is worse than my bark. Don’t judge me by my text! It’s minimalistically curt.
If you show, you’re real and I will love you. Just come up to me, introduce yourself and kiss me. Here’s your script: “Hi, my name is (your name here). You look lovely dear. <<french kiss>>”

We saw “To Do List”  a funny summer teenager movie that brought back a lot of memories. Who doesn’t love sex and masturbartion. I finally got to meet AL whom I wanted to meet for the longest time.

There were quite a few draggers (lo-so)  that worked my butt off. Their endless flow of text made me walk in and out searching for their sorry insecure ass. Wanna come, don’t wannat come, can’t find the place, waitin for my text to confirm.and there was even some idiot in slippers asking me if they can come in. Ever used a GPS? Walk in a bar and look around? Seriously, mountain turtles. I am going to stick my stiletto up your ass. Oh maybe that is what you were after. F*tard.

kik nicolesingslave
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La Vie Boheme, a Tryst and no shows

May 8, 2018

Why do I go to Backstage on Mondays? I like to be da Queen of the place and it only happens on Mondays.
Monday’s screening was the tv adaptaton of the awesome brodway “La Vie Boheme”. Go watch it, you won’t regret time spent.
Some new faces for the Monday meet. LOL, don’t ask who.

A tryst, is not something to write about. Ha ha…you’ve got to be there to know.
No shows are the stupids slaves wannabes who message me endlessly to be meet me.
When the day comes, I have a whole empty bar to myself with nary a soul.
I do look intimidating…

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SGGURLS 2018 March meet: movies, cakes and beautiful gurls

March 20, 2018

Our favorite spot downtown hosted by our favorite bar manager:

The birthday gurl:

And OMG my beautiful date xxoo:

To several missed connections. My apologies when I am in the bar as I don’t check my phone probably for the whole night. So if I don’t respond, it doesn’t mean anything. Just come in and look for me. I guarantee that I am very easily recognizable.

To the admirer who kept walking by and you probably winked at me a dozen times. Next time just introduce yourself and kiss me.

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SGGURLS, Singapore’s Transgender Group. Into our 11’th year.

February 14, 2018

SGGURLS, Singapore’s Transgender Group. Into our 11’th year.