Meeting AL

June 11, 2018

"AL" has known me on the internet for 10 years but never met me until today. I luv the new outfit AL.
Hope you had fun.

Now you know I got very sensitive toes.

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SGGURLS June 2018 meet

June 4, 2018

The bar was empty and it’s the very same reason why I chose to have SGGURLS event on Mondays. So it’s by no coincidence for those of you who came in, sat afar and just stared at my direction. Ben may not like cleaning your drool. I know you are here for the SGGURLS event. Don’t expect me to walk to you unless you’re waving million kazillion SGD in my face.

Yes, my byte is worse than my bark. Don’t judge me by my text! It’s minimalistically curt.
If you show, you’re real and I will love you. Just come up to me, introduce yourself and kiss me. Here’s your script: “Hi, my name is (your name here). You look lovely dear. <<french kiss>>”

We saw “To Do List”  a funny summer teenager movie that brought back a lot of memories. Who doesn’t love sex and masturbartion. I finally got to meet AL whom I wanted to meet for the longest time.

There were quite a few draggers (lo-so)  that worked my butt off. Their endless flow of text made me walk in and out searching for their sorry insecure ass. Wanna come, don’t wannat come, can’t find the place, waitin for my text to confirm.and there was even some idiot in slippers asking me if they can come in. Ever used a GPS? Walk in a bar and look around? Seriously, mountain turtles. I am going to stick my stiletto up your ass. Oh maybe that is what you were after. F*tard.

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La Vie Boheme, a Tryst and no shows

May 8, 2018

Why do I go to Backstage on Mondays? I like to be da Queen of the place and it only happens on Mondays.
Monday’s screening was the tv adaptaton of the awesome brodway “La Vie Boheme”. Go watch it, you won’t regret time spent.
Some new faces for the Monday meet. LOL, don’t ask who.

A tryst, is not something to write about. Ha ha…you’ve got to be there to know.
No shows are the stupids slaves wannabes who message me endlessly to be meet me.
When the day comes, I have a whole empty bar to myself with nary a soul.
I do look intimidating…

SGGURLS is all inclusive mtf,ftm. All admirers welcome.
Singapore’s transgender contact
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SGGURLS 2018 March meet: movies, cakes and beautiful gurls

March 20, 2018

Our favorite spot downtown hosted by our favorite bar manager:

The birthday gurl:

And OMG my beautiful date xxoo:

To several missed connections. My apologies when I am in the bar as I don’t check my phone probably for the whole night. So if I don’t respond, it doesn’t mean anything. Just come in and look for me. I guarantee that I am very easily recognizable.

To the admirer who kept walking by and you probably winked at me a dozen times. Next time just introduce yourself and kiss me.

SGGURLS, Singapore Transgender
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SGGURLS, Singapore’s Transgender Group. Into our 11’th year.

February 14, 2018

SGGURLS, Singapore’s Transgender Group. Into our 11’th year.


Mojito and a fall

February 12, 2018

My date took me to Backstage. A Mojito defeated me.

I fell flat on my butt. My date brought me back home. The shortest date in history.

Probably a big disappointment for someone who had followed me on the internet for 7 years. Sometimes an idol should just stay as such.

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January 24, 2018

It's raining bullets and curling in front of the telly was a compelling proposition.
But then it's been a long time since I went to the SGDOMSUBS meet even though I was one of it's founders.
No pics save this rare pic of Chinese knot that I demoed that night: 20180124_2100.JPG
Everyone was new to me. A few people said to me ah ha at last we meet. And if you could see the caption of my thoughts: "??????"
So here we are back in my favorite spot for a photo to remember the night. ha ha. I should advertise for a photographer slut to chaperone me.

KIK nicolesingslave

SGGURLS 2018 Jan meet: sea of black, champagne and tampons

January 10, 2018

My version of the Golden Globe’s sea of black :
A toast to the new year:
2018 with a probably the prettiest ts in Singapore:
Angel explaining Gender Fluidity: 20180109_022a.jpg
Since this is a PG18 blog, I will only summarize the night in sequence as BDSM, slaves, foot worship, champagne, kissing, tampons, nip pinching, breath play and gender fluid discussion.

SGGURLS meets are posted on and
SGGURLS meets are open to all, admirers, gurls and girls. SGGURLS meets are small and cozy. We are comfy with each other. We do take lots of pics and if you don’t want to appear on my photos, just let me know.

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2017 in retrospective

December 28, 2017

chiaotzu_02.jpg Defending Chiatzu
2017 started out fending for a persona-non-grata who had a big fight with a drunk and alienated the whole trans community.
Let's call the smelly old man Chiatzu. Chiatzu has a toxic personality and will pretty much fuck anything that has a heartbeat. That explains the STD Chiatzu picked up.

Insidious Little Panda

Little Panda is quite the insidious devil. She was made an admin of SGGURLS, and in return, she tossed me out. I got back in through some miracle. She quit. Lil Panda actually more like big Panda has always had lots of little groups which she never grew beyond 30 members. Good at starting but a lousy finisher. Maybe that's her story in bed as well. Lil Panda has finally succeeded with a football group. I can't get angry at someone who took the trash from SGGURLS.

Slide1.JPG20181228_Des.jpgConfused loyalty

Confused Loyalty (CL) had been the life of SGGURLS. I have witnessed 10 years of a volatile emotional rollercoaster. I guess it must be from hauling all those big planes. She traveled to Thailand and Philippines with Lil Panda. On one hand, she wants to support Lil Panda but she's got one hand in SGGURLS. When the two plane move apart, CL plopped hard onto the ground.

SGGURLS had a very quiet 10 year anniversary. Mostly because I was unmotivated to arrange anything. Many new gurls send me emails asking me this and that. Unfortunately, the emails are mixed with a lot of rubbish. So none gets answered. I am the biggest fan of deleteall. In the past, I hardly had photos of myself. I just like taking photos together with other people. It's just nicer. Since jettisoning my Posse, I've gone solo in my pics. I discovered the reason for so much rubbish in my mailbox this year. I have half a million followers since going solo. My ad on locanto is less than a year old and has 23K views. I can't professed to understand people's fascination with me. I would have rather deflected them to SGGURLS. The benefit from all the attention is that I am spoilt for choices for dates.
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SGGURLS 2017-10 meet: A Rayne from the past, idols and bad lighting

October 16, 2017

LOL that’s probably the worst lighting this year. I am glad that I can be the inspiration for Shanica.

This picture taken by a darling from the past. I am so glad to see Rayne after so many years.
It was a Monday so quite a few of our gurls came after work and couldn’t dress. It’s not necessary to dress. Just come out and have a couple of drinks.

My handsome soldier dropped by to say hi and bye. “Hey, you’re not such a tigress after all.” LOL, best comment of the night.

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